Tiago Tavares

Division of Social Sciences
Department of Economics

Tiago Tavares

Full time professor

Tiago’s general research interests focus on sovereign debt default, international macroeconomics, and macroeconomics. Using mostly macroeconomic dynamic models, he studies topics that include government policies to deal with financial crises, or adjustments in relevant markets, such as labor or product markets, associated with such crises. At a more micro-level, he studies investment decisions made at the firm level when financial constraints become important. Some of his recent work includes the accumulation of external debt and international reserves on economies subject to sovereign default risk, labor market dynamics of Southern European countries affected by the early 2010s debt crisis, or firm-level investment dynamics of Greek manufacturing plants under a credit crunch environment. 

Tiago is very happy to supervise theses related to macroeconomics and international economics. Recently, he advised a thesis on wage inequality dynamics in México and its relationship with international trade. Other potential topics include financial crises in México (for example, in 1982 or 1994), pass-through of exchange rate on domestic prices, gains associated with trade liberalization of México, description of Mexican firm-level data, or dynamics in household income inequality or labor decisions (for example, between formal and informal sectors). 

Tiago’s webpage contains links to his papers.

Academic Studies

BA in Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
MA in Economics, University of Rochester, USA
MA in Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Portugal
PhD in Economics, University of Rochester, USA


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